Loss of freedom is a one-way trip, and what you can do about it

ImageA thought to consider: No government ever willingly gave up any kind of surveillance powers. Once in Big Brother’s hands, Big Brother never gives up an effective tool. The time to safeguard your freedom and privacy is before government starts using it, not after.

I say this as someone who grew up under a then-new Communist regime and saw how liberties disappeared as Communism grew. But in that respect there is nothing exclusively unique about Communism; we’ve seen the squeezing and trampling of our freedoms and privacy happening in the United States too. It’s become considerably worse under the Obama regime, but it certainly didn’t start with Obama.

Think about this and act — act vociferously — before it’s too late. It’s the very least we owe our children and future generations, to leave to them the freedoms we once had, and at the present rate, judging by what has been happening to our freedoms and privacy the last few years, we’re not doing a very good job of it.

So what can you do about it? Here and here are good places to join the fight on the national and global level, another on a more personal level to defend your own personal privacy. And to help learn and keep up with the latest, security guru Bruce Schneier’s blog is a great start.

2 thoughts on “Loss of freedom is a one-way trip, and what you can do about it

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