Seven new ways you’re being watched

In the race between individual privacy vs. government use of technology, Big Brother technology is winning. The vast majority of people, even us “professional paranoids” who make it our interest to keep up and to warn others of the threats to their persons and privacy, can’t keep up with all the new ways being invented and put to use to keep tabs on even the most minor — though in some ways most invasive and therefore dangerous — ways to pry into and record what we do. say, and even think.

Here is a list and brief explanations of seven new ways by which you are being watched, tracked, and recorded by police. And in these cases that means even your local police; it doesn’t necessarily mean the big entities like the NSA. (The NSA & ilk in many cases already have even more effective means to do things like this.)

Believe me, the time to fight for your freedom, rights, and privacy is now, not later. And a good place to start is by joining with others trying to uncover what’s happening.

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