Star Wars motorcycle, $200 laser weapon, free Wi-Fi, Taliban hacked, hello Superman

  • Now we’re gettin’ somewhere: A new electric motorcycle blows away the field at the famous Isle of Man motorcycle race, looking like a 10-year leap forward in both performance and styling. Now it just needs a good soundtrack, something better than whining and clicking.

    "Mr. Skywalker, your motorcycle is ready."

  • Taliban Webmaster: “We’ve been hacked!: The richness of irony overflows. But was the mystery hacker Uncle Sam?
  • Bat bombs, goo guns, raccoon vision, and much more: The military have really done this stuff. On your tax dollar. Amazingly, some of them even work.
  • No joke: A real laser weapon, yours for $200: It ignites clothing, burns flesh, blinds instantly. This is not a toy. A hand-held laser weapon you can buy for a couple hundred bucks. Wonderfully styled to look like a Star Wars light saber. No guarantees what you do with it, but if I had one (and I’m thinking about it) I’d treat it just like a loaded gun. Buy one before it’s banned.
  • Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks: You don’t even have to buy coffee. Starting July 1 Internet access at all U.S. Starbucks will be completely gratis. Details at TechNewsDaily.
  • Deep physics: New Quantum Theory Separates Gravitational and Inertial Mass. Are you into this stuff? Really? It means your gravitational mass (what determines what you weigh on a given planet — say, Earth) is not exactly the same thing as your mass that causes resistance to motion (your inertia when someone gives you a shove). It’s a big deal because it means that one of the key assumptions of modern physics — that gravity and acceleration have exactly the same effect — is no longer true. Einstein is spinning in his grave. The article is short and really quite easy to follow, if you don’t try to speed-read it. Be the first on your block to be able to explain this. Amaze your friends.
  • Big Boo-Boo about Big Bang: So maybe the current thinking is all wrong. Again. Deep-physics stuff of the astro kind.
  • On this day in 1938 the first-ever Action Comics book was published. It featured a new character in the world of comics: a hunky guy in red, white, and blue named Superman, the first-ever superhero.